Vertex CEO Gagan Arora Appointed as Director Education Committee Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce of its Global Operations

Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce appoints Vertex CEO Gagan Arora as Director of Education committee

Gurugram (Haryana) [India]: AACC (Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce) recently appointed Gagan Arora, CEO and Strategic Growth Leader, Vertex Global Services as their Director-Education Committee, as part of a consulting arrangement with the latter’s online Consortium – Vertex.

AACC promotes Economy and Trade to establish India as a global center in Foreign Trade for Arab World, by coordinating with various nations, their missions in India, and connect them to investors in their countries, for bilateral commerce. “AACC’s main aim is to promote trade, investment, and technology co-operation between Arab enterprises and their global counterparts and we find Vertex’s strategic thinking and experience aligned with fortifying our mission in various ways,” said Saad Al Dabbagh, Qatar Director of AACC, while speaking on the appointment.

“Today’s developing India offers several opportunities for young and agile enterprises to find global markets. My focus is to catalyze these conversations and ensure that AACC emerges as a veritable ‘go-to destination’ for the rising enterprises from India,” said Gagan Arora, CEO and Strategic Growth Leader, Vertex Global Services, while speaking about his new role.

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“Indian online education system has been developed and being served with a lot of innovative modules that can help employers with upgrading their existing qualifications. He appreciated the marketing and commercial strategies adopted by Vertex and pledged to strengthen the organization by making collaborations in the Arab World,” said Dr. Asif Iqbal, Executive Director of the AAC, while welcoming the appointment of Arora.
Established in 2016, Vertex Global Services has grown exponentially over the years and is driven by constant innovation, technology, and expansion. Spearheaded by Arora, Vertex has strengthened its operations across four continents. The launch of Vertex Digital Academy is a solid start point to the viaduct educational and infrastructural gap between enterprises and global counterparts.

AACC’s main objective is to plan, promote, organize, implement, monitor, and evaluate schemes, projects, activities, for commerce development across the 39 countries, by identifying, facilitating, and presenting the work of different departments, NGOs, and private agencies, dealing in various aspects of export and import, to enter into partnerships or joint ventures with Foreign Embassies, Consulates, Consular Missions, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Bodies, Companies, Societies, Associations or persons across the globe.

AACC’s mission is to impact the policy, regulations, and legislative environment so as to stimulate a balanced economic, industrial, and social development. We believe that the sectors of education, social responsibility, and the environment will be the key component that drives India for its corporate growth in investment.

Founded in 2016, Vertex Global Services is one of the fastest-growing services integrators; ranked 19th amongst 50 most innovative companies across the globe, recently awarded as India’s Best Company in Solutions and Consulting and recognized as Best Place to work. With unparalleled strategy, creative and technology capabilities, we bring big thinking and innovative ideas, along with a practical approach to help the world’s largest enterprises and Fortune 500 companies.

Vertex works as a Business Optimization Partner and helps optimize business operations starting from getting the right people, integrating artificial intelligence to achieve better results, to the automation of manual repetitive tasks to optimize the ROI.

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