The Gurjar community continue to protest over reservation in Bharatpur

Gurjar community protest demanding reservation in jobs and education

Bharatpur (Rajasthan) [India]: Members of the Gurjar community on Monday continued their protest demanding reservation in jobs and education as a ‘most backward class’ (MBC) community.

Gurjar leader Kirori Singh Bainsla said the agitation will continue until their demands are met. Bainsla said, “We will continue our agitation till our demands are met. The government should accept our demands as early as possible.” Bainsla said there is unity in the community and those who were saying that the community has been divided into two factions are wrong.
“Through this agitation, it is clear that our community is not divided and those who were saying that this community has been divided into two factions, is wrong. I want to convey a message to our community that we should fight together for our rights,” he said.

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“I also request the government to fulfil our demand as soon as possible,” he added.

A large number of people have stopped the rail route in Bharatpur.
As per the National Disaster Management Act and Rajasthan Epidemic Ordinance, 2020, during the COVID-19 crisis a congregation of more than 100 people could not be held in the state.

Rajasthan government on October 26, 2018, passed a bill that increased the Other Backward Classes (OBC) quota from 21 per cent to 26 per cent. In December 2018, the Rajasthan government also approved one per cent reservation for Gurjars and four Other Backward Castes (OBCs).

These communities are getting one per cent separate reservation under the legal limit of 50 per cent reservation meant for the most-backwards category in addition to OBC reservation. 

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