NEET abolition call to get louder as DMK plans strong measures for winter session of Parliament

Tamil Nadu’s ruling party DMK will see its MPs step up their call for abolition of NEET in the upcoming Parliament session.

The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), the party in power in Tamil Nadu, has a serious aversion against NEET.  The party has been fighting for the abolition of NEET, arguing that the examination offers no chance for even bright students from rural backdrops, as a majority of the students who clear the exam are the city kids who could afford entrance coaching classes.

The aversion towards NEET by the DMK stems from the fact that the entrance test is tilted towards only the affluent class. The party had long back placed its argument on the plank that the exam reeks of partiality, with bright students from villages who have the capability to clear NEET, are overtaken by urban kids who have the opportunity to attend coaching sessions that focus on the exam.

Farmers’ win adds to DMK hopes; NEET abolition call gets louder

Now with the agitating farmers having tasted victory, with their long protests and strike measures forcing the Narendra Modi government to repeal the controversial farm laws, the DMK believes that continued protests against NEET could bring them a win.

With this in mind, the party has decided to add strength to its voice against NEET. The DMK has lined up measures to raise the NEET issue seeking abolition when the Parliament gets into session for the winter.

DMK, it may be recalled, had lined up the abolition of NEET as one of its poll promises. Ever since it assumed power in Tamil Nadu under Chief Minister M K Stalin, the party had stepped up awareness campaigns to try and let the general public know that NEET was unnecessary. The voice grew louder over the past few months after it decided to let the powers that be at the Centre hear and act against NEET.

DMK MPs to step up anti-NEET protests in RS, LS

In the context of strengthening its campaign against NEET and seeking its abolition, the DMK leaders and functionaries came together at a meeting chaired by the Chief Minister himself. The meeting called upon the DMK MPs to take up the issue when the winter session of Parliament is in session, in a while.  The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister urged all DMK members in Parliament to take up the issue in both the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha so that a repeal of the NEET procedure could come about.

News reports in Tamil news channels have been filling the air with the DMK proposal for a campaign against NEET in both houses of Parliament during the winter session, which is just round the bend.

The Chief Minister is believed to have called upon all DMK MPs to get all facts and figures on NEET collated so that they can speak in Parliament, urging the Union government to go for a rethink on the exam. With the farmers’ protests seeing a mega win, the DMK hopes that a consistent effort against will eventually lead to its repeal.

Govt in for tough times as 3rd largest party set to make more noise

It is noteworthy that the DMK has the numbers in Parliament so that its voice could be heard. Being the third-largest political party, after the BJP and the Indian National Congress, the government and the other lawmakers would not be able to ignore the clearly defined campaign that the DMK MPs would unleash in both houses.

With the DMK determined to see NEET being abolished, the upcoming session of Parliament is likely to see major changes being brought into the education scene. The party has high hopes, indeed. What the government at the Centre would resort to is, however, uncertain.

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