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Maharashtra: ‘Free Digital Online Mobile Education Library’ dispatched for understudies battling with online classes in the midst of COVID-19

In Maharashtra ‘Free Digital Online Mobile Education Library’ launched for students struggling with online classes amid COVID-19

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: As online classes have been promoted to protect children from coronavirus infection, children belonging to the economically weaker sections of the society are facing a lot of problems due to no access to laptops and smartphones. In view of this, the Mumbai Municipal and Private Urdu Teachers Union has launched a mobile phone library for such children in the country’s financial capital Mumbai.

This library has been launched in the Imamwada area of Mumbai for Class 1 to 10. Financially weak students, who could not buy mobile phones, are now attending online classes here through the ‘Free Digital Online Mobile Education Library’ and 22 students have so far enrolled themselves to attend classes. “Some students either do not have mobile phones or there is only one mobile phone in their family. So we initiated the idea of a free mobile library class,” Shahina Sayed, Centre Incharge.

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“The students are being taught online and their syllabus is being completed. Classes are held from 8 am to 3 pm. All COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) is also being followed,” she added.
The center is currently providing 10 smartphones and free Wi-Fi facility to the students.

“Now I am able to attend my lectures on time. I am in the 10th standard and was missing my classes often since the teaching shifted online. We have only one mobile phone at home,” Aisha Ahmed, living in a chawl near JJ Hospital said.

Kavita, studying in the third standard, showed excitement as she can now attend all her classes on time. “My father works as a cleaner in a building nearby, we do not have an internet connection and mobile is not available all the time at home. We are thankful to the Union to start this center.”

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