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Extramarks Education launches new app for children

Extramarks Education comes up with ‘Lil One’ to educate, engage and entertain children below seven-year-old

New Delhi [India]: India’s most trusted EdTech giant Extramarks Education has unveiled their latest kids learning app, Lil One by Extramarks, to educate, engage and entertain children below seven-year-old.

The application has the integration of the much loved and popular animated character – Chhota Bheem – in the several in-app lessons and games besides several other interesting learning modules. Through the various activities in it, a kid can learn a range of pertinent skills right from communication, language, memory, cognition, creativity to problem solving. The idea behind introducing Chhota Bheem characters in the app was to build a rich and fun learning environment for a young mind. Being one of the most loved and also the longest-running kids show on Indian television, the iconic Chhota Bheem was just an apt animated character for the whole process of making learning fun and interesting.

“Lil One by Extramarks is an app full of unique and innovative learning experiences for young minds. We have put in deep research to ensure the app helps in building essential foundational skills and achieving developmental milestones mapped to early childhood learning needs. It is a colourful world of learning, which will surely stimulate curiosity and critical thinking among children and give them a chance to learn with Chhota Bheem – character kids deeply love,” said Atul Kulshrestha, Founder and CMD, Extramarks Education.

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Personalized learning journeys have been crafted by early childhood learning experts for putting young students on a streamlined learning path. Even to keep learning an engaging exercise, the creators of the app have included a unique Toy-based reward system, mapped to the achievement of learning milestones.

The little learners can also experience the entire range of Chhota Bheem cast – Chutki, Raju, Kalia, Jaggu, Indumati, Tun Tun Mousi, Dholu and Bholu – who will be introducing lessons and guiding learners through the many modules.

For this initiative, Extramarks Education has collaborated with Green Gold Animation, who is the mastermind behind the Chhota Bheem series.
“We are delighted to partner with Extramarks in the creation of the Lil One app. It is the first time Chhota Bheem is directly entering the learning space and will be helping young minds learn alphabets, rhymes, colours, values and so much more. We have always believed in creating content that adds to the growth of a child and this partnership is a great opportunity to do so. In this app, Chhota Bheem can be experienced like never before!” said Srinivas Chilakalapudi, CSO, Green Gold Animation, commenting on the collaboration with Extramarks.

When there is hue and cry about the usage of the internet by the kids, the app grants ample control to parents to guide and monitor their child’s app engagement and progress. They can determine app usage hours, limit data consumption and also select the content which their children can view on the app.

Built on the pedagogy of Tap-Learn-Play, Lil One by Extramarks creates a wholesome, enriching and interactive world of discovery and exploration, wherein, young learners can take their first steps towards learning in a safe environment.

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Extramarks is a new age education technology company that provides digital learning solutions to schools and students in the K-12 and Test Prep segments. These learning solutions are curriculum-based and cover all subjects. They are used by schools to impart education in the classroom and by students for self-learning at home.

Extramarks – The Learning App, Extramarks Live Classes and Extramarks Test Prep Apps are the preferred choices of millions of students for any time, anywhere learning. Now with Lil One app launch, Extramarks is bringing the learning solutions for the toddlers’ segment of age 7 years and below in an exciting and engaging way with the Chhota Bheem theme. Besides India, Extramarks has a global presence in South Africa, Indonesia, the Middle East and Singapore.

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