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Delhi cop acts as the hero for underprivileged children who can’t bear the cost of online classes

Delhi cop comes to rescue of underprivileged children who can’t afford online classes

New Delhi [India]: A Delhi Police constable has come to the rescue of underprivileged children seeking education in the national capital during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While most schools are still undertaking online classes, the policeman running these in offline mode was forced to resumed classes as most of his pupils cannot afford to purchase a mobile phone.

The classes, being run from Sai Temple at Red Fort parking, were initially closed during the start of the nationwide lockdown and restrictions. However, he decided to resume teaching physically as his students could not afford gadgets to attend online classes. A majority of students attending these classes are children of laborers residing in the area.

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A constable with the Delhi Police, said, “I have been running this school for a long time but during the start of the pandemic I closed it for children’s safety. But, when I saw many students were not able to take online classes, I decided to restart my school because they don’t have things like phone and computers,” he said.

The classes are being run by following health protocols issued by the Health Ministry.

Singh said that he is also educating these children about good hygiene habits required that should be practiced for protection against COVID-19.
“I am also providing them sanitizers, masks and we practice social distancing in our class,” he added.

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